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Our full treatments are guaranteed for quality of workmanship for up to 3 years on vehicles in good condition or 5 years on new vehicles. We recommend that vehicles are re-treated every 2 to 5 years depending on the nature of the vehicles use, the age & storage conditions and the vehicles current condition. The inhibitors used will neutralize any existing rust provided it has not bitten too hard and will slow down any existing rust if it has. These areas already affected by rust cannot be covered by the warranty and are noted at the time of treatment. If a vehicle has severe rust deemed as rot then this should be properly repaired before any rustproofing treatment is carried out. In order to maintain your warranty following a complete treatment, the car should be returned to us annually so that we can inspect and reapply any damaged coating.

The first annual inspection is provided completely free of charge. Subsequent inspections are charged at £45 for the period of the guarantee. Annual inspections carried out after the guarantee period will be charged at an hourly rate. Annual inspections usually take between 1 to 2 hours and must be booked in advance. The rust-protection guarantee is applicable on rust developing from the interior towards the exterior only. The guarantee covers the vehicles bodywork.

This guarantee is personal. If the vehicle is sold, the guarantee may not be transferred to the subsequent owner. Treatments cannot be guaranteed for off road/competition use. The purpose of rustproofing is to prevent rust. It cannot cure rust that is already there. It will help prevent it progressing further but will not remove it. There is a big difference between light surface rust and potentially dangerous rot. JR Classics Ltd recommends that you follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations regarding regular inspection and cleaning of the vehicles underside following a treatment. We are here to help and will make every effort to advise on, or rectify any problems you might have.


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