Other Services: Paintworking & Welding


We also offer paintwork services - from small cosmetic repairs like scratches or scrapes, panel repairs, rust damage and part resprays right through to a full bare metal respray.

Purpose built low-bake spray facilities and professional care and attention to detail ensure an exceptional finish. So whether you've had a small car parking scrape, minor rust repair or you're completely restoring your classic car we can help. Call us for a free quote.

Being able to carry out welding and paintwork in house means we are now even more equipped in the fight against rust. This all means greater ease and less hassle for customers, who can simply leave the vehicle with us and have all the rustproofing, welding & paintwork carried out under one roof.


We can of course offer welding or paintwork as a stand alone service, should you just require welding prior to an MOT for example.


We also carry out welding repairs. If your car is showing signs of corrosion under the paintwork, this can now all be rectified in house. From repairing a small hole in the floor to replacing sills or wheel arches, all our welding is done to restoration standard.

It is not uncommon for cars that come into the workshop for rustproofing to exhibit advanced stages of rust often reaching the stage where holes have already appeared in parts of the metal. We all know the importance of sound metal when rustproofing and no amount of rustproofing can help once the corrosion process has done its damage. In these instances the rust must be cut out and fresh, clean metal welded in its place.


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